May 28, 2008

First Post

Alright! My very first post! I must admit, I created this blog a whiiiiiiiiiile ago, but I never seemed to get around to finally USE it! I'm pretty stoked to have this set up, considering everything that was on my last computer was lost and had to re-create. Well, to sum it up, this blog will have a little bit of everything. I'm an avid makeup user and knitter, so stay tuned for lots a crafty stuff that I'll be posting on here.

Here's a video I made (of me looking all scruff mcgruff lol) just so you can put a face to the name!

To start, yesterday I was throwing away my trash in the neighborhood dumpster when I noticed a pile of wood and some white paneling just laying on the ground. AND, since I just moved in to my apartment, I needed a bookshelf very badly (I'm also obsessed with books), so this was the final result:

Can you believe someone threw this away! Ugh. Well, hope that inspires you to create something out of nothing! ♥

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