Jun 20, 2008

hi guys it's been a while!! father's day weekend was so hectic at work, ack. well, my bf's good friends invited us over to watch the laker game (against the celtics which we BOMBED in--we if you are rooting for LA), so went with a multicolor look.

i used:
HIP pigment in Valiant, mixed with NYX Ultra Pearl Purple Pearl for lower lid (applied wet!)
NYX eyeshadow in Atlantic for out lower lid
CoverGirl eyeshdadow in Aqua Paradise
NYX ultra Pearl in Nude Pearl
NYC mineral Eyeliner in Black

now i am aware of *proper* makeup etiquette in regards to the care of brushes. HOWEVER, lots of times i'm just in a HELLA hurry and can't help but use the top of my hand as a replacement sink. check it out:

grody huh? haha!

anyways, i love to use multicolor looks because it shows off my still new ability to blend, but also i think is kind of like coloring a picture. personally, i own a few coloring books, as well as the 100+ crayola crayon collection. i LOVE LOVE colors, and can't get enough of them. i design web layouts as well, as my major is computer science, so anyone want anything, just holler! gotta go to sleep now, but have a good night, and until tomorrow!

[EDIT:] later that night, i discovered that my puppy girl had chewed this headbeand to absolute pieces, so boo! :(


Anonymous said...

Beautiful look, love the combo!

California Lucky said...

thanks beauty!