Jun 9, 2008

Summer Look & Eyeshadow Display Shelves

Hi guys! Long time no write! I've been super busy working every day at Outback! I can't believe it, my it's my first day off in 13 days. Ugh. Well, this morning, it was so lovely out, I decided to wear my new Billabong dress, and of course wear matching makeup with it, & took the pups out in the yard to play while I read a book. Here's my look:

I used: NYX Ultra Peal Mania in Lime Pearl on inner eye & lash line
NYX eyeshadow in Wildfire on middle of lid and lower lash line
NYX eyeshadow in Luxor on outer lid and outer lower lash line

The colors didn't pop as much as I wanted, since I used Mac Paint tube in Tan Ray, and that's the not the kind of color that brings anything out other than browns or golds. BUT I'm still waiting for my Benefit LemonAid to come in the mail, so it will have to do!

Now, on another note, I really wanted to build something to hold my Ultra Pearl Mania tubes from NYX. So, I did!
See, I saved the cool little shipping box that I had received my latest shipment in.

I took it apart, and cut off the extra portion, so I'd only keep the boxy shape.

Now, with that extra piece that I cut off, I took the edge that looked like a triangle and cut about three and a half inches above it to create a shelf.

See how it folds naturally? Well, the triangle part is the support for the shelf. So, I took my hot glue gun and attached it to the the boxy shape I already hot glued some corners together of:

I messed up here: I realized too late that I wanted to have a second shelf, and I had already glued the first one, so I couldn't measure anything. So I took the extra piece that I was left with and tried to best guess and cut myself another triangle 3 1/2" shelf. But, since it was a straight piece of cardboard, I had to score it with a pen before I could fold it:

Then, it was off to paint!

I love the beach and all kinds of underwater stuff, so I went outside, collected some random twigs and rocks, took some of my plastic jewels, and hot glued together a little ocean action:

I also took a darker color and used a sponge to make it look textured. Finally, I sealed it all with Mod Podge Sparkle because I KNOW myself and don't want it getting wet and ruined. Here's the finished product:

Yay for creativity! Hope you enjoyed it, and I apologize if I didn't explain it all too well.

Here are some pics I took of the puppers outside!

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