Jul 9, 2008

Blue Look

Hi guys! Not much going on, although I did by my first grill today! i'm the proud owner of a stand up charcoal grill that i can now use to cook up yummy treats.
i've been trying to eat a lil healthier, so i think this is the ticket. i had a burger and omigosh it was so juicy and had that delicious chargrilled taste. now i should try grilling up some veggies, and maybe some seafood!

a few days ago my friend jen decided to give me highlights. she's a professional hairdresser, and plus it would be at no cost to me, so i gave in and she went to work. i told her i liked how jessica alba has her hair, how it looks blended but still multifaceted. in this next look i just did a basic blue to go along with my shirt. i don't think you can really see my highlight in these pictures very well, so i'll try to post some pictures where you can see them more clearly.

I pretty must just used NYX eyeshadow in Aquatic, and Wet N Wild in Buttercream, and just blended the crap out of it. usually, when i say it's a basic look, i mean that all of the action is on the lower part of my eyelid. and when it's dramatic, i do some creaswork and/or more variety of color. i have pretty small eyelids, so i like to keep the basic looks for everyday purposes so i don't look retarded, haha.

what is an eyelid primer?

basically, it's a product that is the very first thing you apply to your eyelid, to prime it, that helps keep your eyeshadow fresh and prevents the oil from your lid from destroying it. you know, that nasty creasing that you can get sometimes.
so, i thought i'd talk about the eyelid primer from benefit called lemonaid. if you've heard about it or not, you need to. i got it from ebay a couple of weeks ago, and i cannot believe what a difference it makes! before, after a serving shift, i'd have some major caking that led to me looking like a hot mess. i haven't really played around with many primers, so i can't really compare.

BUT the pros are:
*it's super easy to apply, just rub your finger in a couple circles in the product, then rub all over your eyelid area and leave for a little bit.
*it's small, a little bigger than a pot of lip gloss.
*it's got a mirror built in
*it CORRECTS COLOR! this means if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and have some haggard red puffy eyes, LemonAid is the solution. i don't get that, but i do have dark circles under my eyes, and i'll use that sometimes for a quick fix.

the only thing i must say about it (and it's not necessarily negative) is you MUST start with a clean lid. i'm way lazy, so i've been known to go to bed with faint traces of eyeliner. color transfers very easily on this little magic compact, so when i first used it, i had black swirling in with the product and almost had a heart attack. but otherwise, it's a 4 out of 4 horsehoes!

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