Jul 22, 2008

Gotta Love Wal-Mart

Okay, so I hate to admit it, BUT i love Wal-Mart. Mostly because I love all the cheapy makeup they have, and some is actually really good! A couple of days ago I ran out of bronzer (I don't really use blush because of my dark skin) and bought NYC's Sun2Sun Bronzing Powder, which has a darker color to use along the hollows of your cheeks (the parts that sink in when you make a fishy face) and a highlighter color to use on the apples of your cheeks (the round parts) and upwards.

I usually go for colors that are gold-based, but this was a leap of faith for me, since it is more pink based than anything else I've owned. BUT I LOVED IT! It is highly pigmented and blends extremely well! I was inspired Eva Mendes and went with a very soft, bronzy brown look. I even got dressed up for it. :p

Eyeshadow Used:
NYX Eyeshadow in Walnut Pearl on Outer Lid
Fira Eyeshadow Brown Color in Heaven Sent Palette in Crease
NYX Eyeshadow in Oro on Inner Lid
NYX Ultra Pearl in Nude Pearl on Brown Bone

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