Jul 16, 2008

Pin Curl Tutorial Along with Me!

I've always been jealous of Jude Rivera's pin curls. So, I've decided to see if I can imitate the look with absolutely NO knowledge on how to do such a thing. Woo!

Now granted:

  1. I've never done this before.

  2. The instructions say you are supposed to grab small sections of hair & make even rows, but I didn't because I was lazy.

  3. Other people said to dampen your hair before you curl it. I have naturally wavy hair, so I didn't think it was necessary for me to do that.

  4. It was 4am & I was bored, so if it comes out badly, you'll be the first to see!

  5. Apparently you're not supposed to use bobby pins because they crease the curl... I have thick ass ethnic hair, so I didn't think I'd have to worry about that.

& here is the finished product:

I know it looks way crazy and disheveled, but everything was pretty much secure, so off to bed I went!

The next morning:

I shook my head a little more, sprayed some shine defrissant, and shook my head some more, and GENTLY finger combed my hair.

Now it looked a little messy, so I went ahead and took each curl with my finger and sort of twirled it to re-give it its shape. I applied some liquid eyeliner, red lipstick, mascara and neutral eyeshadow to give you this:

As you can see, I parted my hair to one side, I took a bobby pin and pinned a section of hair up on the smaller side of hair. To add some flair, I took a headscarf to see how that would look:

In retrospect:
  1. I probably would have used some type of light gel or spray to fix the curls once taken out.

  2. I figured out the way to pin a curl (for myself): running one bobby pin horizontally along the top of the curl, another one parallel but along the bottom of the curl, then finally one running vertically, pinning the other two as well. This prevents the pins from falling out or opening up in the middle of the night.

  3. It didn't take that long to do at all! Maybe 15 minutes. And it lasted into the next day.

  4. Whenever I cornrow my boyfriend's hair (He's Japanese but has curly hair, weird huh!) I make him wear a pair of pantyhose I bought for him specially to keep his nice and neat. I just took the legs and tied them together a couple of times. It really kept my curls together, and made sure no pins fell out. I'd really recommend doing this! Wrapping a head scarf would probably work as well, and look less ghetto!

If you practice this at home, let me know, I'd love to see how it turns out!


christy. said...

omggg the end product looks so cute with that band in your hair :) good job

California Lucky said...

thanks christy! i'm glad it wasn't a complete failure!