Jul 3, 2008

Purple Look

Well, the Padres game was fun, although we lost, but at least we got to take a gorgeous picture!

Good Times with Jen.

SOOOOOO a few days ago, i was doing laundry, you know, pulling the sheets out of the machine, when i double check the bottom to make sure no socks or other small items are left behind when i see


i just about flipped. i meant, what are the chances? ugh. so i had to resort back to my first camera. as in it was bought in 2001. it's lasted really long, but it pretty much looks like a silver brick. so no more videos for me :( for now at least. i was bored last night so i played around with my NYX Ultra Pearl Eyeshadows, Lilac Pearl, Baby Pink Pearl, and Purple Pearl, & this is what resulted:

Please excuse my hairy eyebrows. I don't know what wrong with me, but I can't seem to find ANY of my tweezers right now, so just try to avert your eyes the best of your ability :D

My dad called a little while ago and asked if I wanted to go to the Del Mar Fair (I guess officially it's the "San Diego Fair, wtf)!! It's gonna be lots of fun, I'll be sure to post info on that! ♥

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