Jan 23, 2009

the past couple of months...

Hello! In this post I'm gonna share some pics of some crafts i've done and am currently working on. I couldn't get everything up on here, since I guess i forgot to photograph before i gave them away.

first up, we have a baby blanket i made for liam, who is tabby's sister's mandy's lil one. i took two pieces of fleece, some coordinating flannel, cut his name out and made appliques out of it. then, i took the rest of the fabric and make a binding to go around it.

then, i made a bunch of these beanies for my friends. i sell them on etsy.com for $5. hence, the "fab five dollar beanie" was born. i did a bunch of colors, stripes, whatever you could think of. i kept this blue one, though, since it's my favorite color.

on the same theme of hats, i made this black baggy one for my friend jen. in case you didn't know, they are called "tams." i didn't get a chance to get the finished product, but will soon. here is about halfway through, and you can see the pattern for it on the magazine underneath.

finally, this is my current project--a double breasted vest from a pattern i got from ravelry.com. if you haven't been there and you knit/crochet, you're missing out. i should be finishing up with it in a couple days.

so as you can see, i've definitely been busy! if anyone has questions about any of these or other projects, just lemme know. for patterns, i usually hang on to them (somewhere) or can let you know where to get it.

well alrighty, that's all for now, but thanks for stopping by!

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