Jun 26, 2010

Cheap Way to Create Personalized Art

I found these little plaster letters at work. They were so cute and were on clearance for a dime each. So of course I bought them :/ I had been in desperate need of a fast craft. Having two jobs and being in summer school seemed to be taking its toll, and left no time for crafting. I instantly had a vision in my head to create a little personalized space for my doggie, Cheedles. Unfortunately, I only had like 4 different colors in acrylic paint. So I mixed and matched my little heart out to create this:

Luckily, one of the colors I did have was black, so all I had to do was mix one drop of it with the colors I did have (or somehow came up with) to create a darker shade for the backdrop of each letter. I did this to give the letters some dimension, and to make them "pop." Then after they were all dry, I sealed them with a couple coats of Mod Podge Sparkle. I swear, I'd coat my LIFE with this stuff if I could... I couldn't live without it! (Click for closeups!)

After everything was completely dry, I found some mounting tape that I had from a previous craft... it was maybe $3 for a whole pack. I chose an area right above my dog's bed, and now thus hangs my finished project!

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