Feb 2, 2011


This is my newest project. I have so much fun manking these little guys that I think I might start selling them. Maybe for $1 for the smaller one and $2 for the mid size ones. They are basically just ribbon with embellishments that I paint or glue on. These are just some of the ones I've pumped out... more to come!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (Rated R)

Everyone has one of these right? Well unfortunately, I had never the opportunity to attend one of these gallant events. In fact, it was a show that my high school friends' band was headlining... anddddd since it just so happened to be in December, they asked people to come dressed in ugly Christmas sweaters. And of course me, last minute, had to work, so I rushed the best thing that came to mind, simply with crap I found around my house.

So, I give you... my sweater.

I'm so classy.


omigosh i've been so so busy! i was reading my past posts on here, only to discover that the last one had been june 26th. i know, i know, ive' been so bad! but a person with two jobs and full time school should've known better than to get a crafting blog, right?

ughhh. anyways, let me fill you in on some of the things i have been doing. the following posts i'll attempt to place in chronological order... :/