Oct 31, 2012

Thus far...

Hey guys, long time no talk! I've been super busy--a new car demands that I work more to afford it! :) Halloween this year was a blast, I got the chance to make my own costume yet again. My friend Jade's birthday falls on Halloween, so for her party we decided to be birds: her a peacock, I a flamingo, and our friend Alyssa a macaw. I constructed a tutu as follows... (pic heavy!)

You'd probably need about 4-6 yards of tulle, depending on how fluffy you want it. I saw a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to make it, but I didn't like how you had to use elastic, cuz that tends to make my, ahem, muffin top pop out. So I decided to do it alll in a different, yet still easy, way.

Okay, so first I took about 3 yards of nylon tulle and folded in half, ends meeting... then in half again (all lengthwise of course). Then I took the folded side (the side with no ends) and pinned about 1" from the edge alllll along the length of it. My goal was to have a visual line of where I was gonna sew.

Now sew!

We just made a pocket, yay!!

How do I get it to match my hip size you ask? All I did was tie a length of yarn onto a safety pin. I literally took the yarn, wrapped it around my hips, cut it with an extra inch to make up for the knot, and then tied it. I ran the safety pin inside the little pocket I made. What I'm doing with this is matching it up with the ribbon that is also the length of my hips, and gathering it to match (without having to gather by hand, cuz that sucks).
K, so now I wanted to add some sparkle to it all, so I took 3 more yards of pink sparkle tulle and did the exact same thing: folded in half, then half again, marked with pins, and ran a quick sewing line all along its length.

Sep 5, 2012

Mermaid Nails!

I had recently seen pictures online about nail art involving overlapping dots, starting from one end of the nail to the other.

It sounded so easy...and it was! It just took about 86,310,664 hours :/ It was fun and got lots of compliments though! Next time I would definitely not use a fast drying polish... I had to keep applying more and more to the paper I was using for my dots. Maybe next time I'll use a orange and brown palette for the upcoming fall season!

Polish used:
Dots- Sinful Colors "Mint Apple", LA Colors "Green Tea", Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Lickety Split Lime", Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Mint Sprint".

Thumb and pinky- NYX "Enchanted Forest"

Aug 18, 2012

Attempted tape mani, without tape :/

So I was literally sitting in my car, bored, when I decided to attempt a tape mani.... But I had no tape. So unfortunately, this is the best that could come out of it. Somehow I still really like it. Probably because of the glitter. If there was a piece of poo covered in glitter I'd probably like it too. :)

Used: Sinful Colors "Mint Apple", China Glaze "Marry a Millionaire", Wet n Wild Complete Manicure in "tba" (lol I forgot)

Aug 14, 2012

Blue green gradient nails

These nails are one of my favorites. Why? They're easy, quick, and you can use any nail polish you have! I used a couple colors from the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri collection. They're -extremely- pigmented and dry super fast. The only drawback is that when doing gradients, you must work quickly or else if you overblot it, pieces from the makeup sponge will start sticking to the nail.

If you're interested in trying this out, TheBeautyDepartment.com has a great tutorial for it. You literally wet a makeup sponge, squeeze outthe excess, apply your two colors on it (I prefer the cornering the thinner end) and press lightly. Then repeat until you reach your desired effect (3-5 times for me depending on the polish). Ta da! Have fun!

Aug 13, 2012

Princess Nails

If you know me at all, you are then aware that I don't really care for the color pink or anything remotely girly. (Except for GLITTER!!!!!)
However, when I found this sheer OPI "Play the Peonies" treasure in the half off basket, I *knew* I had to own it because it would be complemented perfectly by Essie "Shine of the Times". And oh, it was. It reminded me almost of that really pretty Easter basket cellophane wrap.  :) oh... And the turquoise is an LA Color striper.

Seaman themed nails ;)

Hey guys!
I'd been wanting to try out the nautical nail look for a while... So I figured I might as well do it now before summer is over! Also, I've been wanting to try out using metal studs glued on my nails but haven't bought any as of yet. Not to worry, though, because dotting a metallic color worked just as well!

Colors Used:
OPI "Dating a Royal," OPI "Stranger Tides," and LA Colors "Gold Digger."


Mar 8, 2012

Gray/ Teal Plaid Mani

Why hello there! Today I thought I'd post a mani I'd seen on Pinterest using pastel colors. I feel weird using those colors if it's not Easter yet. And so, it's not quite that time yet, so I decided to stick with a gray/turquoise color combination. Amidst my great search for good (but cheap) nail polishes that are also good for stamping, I was greatly surprised to find that Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri collection is nothing short of fantastic!

I bought the shades "Snappy Sorbet," "Lively Lilac," and "Mint Sprint." They are so so so pigmented, much more so than the OPI & China Glazes that I bought last week (and let me just say that Empire Beauty Supply's customer service was a severe disappointment). Regardless, I tried all three shades and they were impeccably clean, smooth, and only needed one coat. The brush was a little on the thick side, but nothing that you can't get used to. For the mani, I had been dying to try OPI's Stranger Tides. Originally, I had wanted to use it for a newpaper mani that can be seen here. It's the perfect shade of old... well... newspaper. Lol. I still will try this method when I have more time.
Almost kind of looks St. Patrick's-y, doesn't it? Hm, well that's appropriate considering it's just around the corner! Which on that day, we will hopefully be hitting up HooleyFest!
Mani-wise, this came out quite nicely, but to my chagrin, I noticed that the white that I had painted over the Sally Hansen turned yellow! Weird, right? Or maybe not, but it definitely tripped me out! It might be whatever is in it to make it "Insta-Dri", but I thought it was so weird. I had never seen anything like it before. Good thing is you can only really see it if it's pointed out. Phew. :) OH! I almost forgot! So I've kind of been wanting a sleeve tattoo for a long time (6 years), and I finally got it! I'm so excited, but i'm going to wait for it to heal before the big reveal.

Feb 28, 2012

Adventures in Finding Good Stamping Polishes

The other day I found myself in Walgreen's noticing that all of their Sinful Colors were 99 cents! So of course, me being the cheap-o that I am, purchased several colors and loved them all. However, the other day as I was about to do my nails, I thought I would test one shade in general, Nirvana, to see how it stood the stamping test. It seemed like a nice solid taupe type color that might transfer quite well. So off, I went to get my BM 208 plate and this is what resulted:

I would say it turned out quite nicely! The trick turned out to be letting the polish sit on the plate for a few extra seconds than normal and then scraping it off. Since it's a relatively new polish I guess that kind of makes sense. And since I did alternating designs, all I did was paint on one design and leave it on the plate, while I scraped the other off and applied it, and vice a versa. It gave me about enough time. Otherwise the design would look slightly smudgy. The background color is NYC in Bryant Park I want to say. Don't quote me on it though. :p This got me thinking, there's GOT to be a list of polishes that people know of and have tested that work for stamping. Everyone that I've asked says either use an old polish or the more expensive ones (like China Glaze or OPI). $32 later at the Beauty Supply, I can tell you that the latter statement is FALSE. Lol. So, of scavenging I went through the page of the Internet until I found this wonderful LIST! Bless their hearts! This is going to sure going to come in handy, and I hope it does for you, too!

Feb 21, 2012

Nail Polishhhhhh

Hey guys, so the other day I saw these polishes and they caught my attention for different reasons.

My favorite color is teal, so pretty much anything resembling it will make me want to buy it. Its a sheer baby blue polish with tiny pixie dust glitter reflecting pink, lilac, green, and indigo. Next I pretty much bought the gray polish because I realized I didn't really have many solid colored polishes--most of mine have a sheen, shimmer, or glitter to them. Plus I saw my friend wearing it the other day and I had to have it. Next, we have Whimsical. I had seen it in the store once before but had held off on buying it. It seemed different enough to me, but I've never really cared for pink, and plus the polish itself looked like a milky, murky almost dirty dishwater blue, so I decided to pass.
However, maybe this time it was because I suffered from "It's the last bottle in stock, so maybe if I change my mind later and decide to buy it, it won't be here anymore and I'll hear about how awesome it is and I won't find it and I'll kick myself in the head for not getting it" syndrome that I finally bought it. You know what I'm talking about >:D.
Lastly, we have Glass Slipper. I don't really purchase much Sally Hansen, but ever since I heard the "Hidden Treasure" rumors, I've always at least lightly skimmed their selection just in case I should find something exceptional. See, "Hidden Treasure" is a flakie polish. If ya don't know what that is, google it. It's not glitter, and I would say it resembles a gold/silver/blue/pink/whatever color you find it in/ leaf polish. It's pretty rad, but it's also pretty rare to find a really good one for cheap.
I heard Essie's "Shine of the Times" was a good dupe for Hidden Treasure, so I bought it and am happy with it.

Here I used it in a VDay mani over a red to violet gradient. It's a clear polish with flakies shining from orange to green iridescence. Pretty.
It's kinda blurry but you can see especially on the index finger the flakies shining away!

So, anyways, to return to the point, I noticed Sally Hansen had a flakie polish. It didn't have a holo effect, duochrome or anything--it literally just looked like crystal shards of glass that were cut off and put in the bottle. I ended up liking it--I think it would look better over black or purple. And it was a b**** to photograph! But... interesting texture nonetheless.

I really liked "Whimsical" over the gray color. I had seen something similar on Lynderella's website (before I wanted EVERYTHING and then discovered she is no longer in business) wherein the colors resembled a brain somewhat. I really enjoyed the pink and baby blue hex glitter along with its corresponding micro glitter! Here I had painted three coats of all the polish, so I def wish there was more glitter power in this nail polish specifically. :) Hope you enjoyed!

Feb 9, 2012


Heyyy there! So anyone that knows me knows that my life just never stops moving! Sometimes I wonder how much more packed this blog would be if I actually kept a steady residence for more than a year... sigh. Well, in any case, I've taken my Konad and my stripers out of storage (at my new place there is ZERO. room. for. crafts.), and I've been reunited with my old longer, less bitten nails--due to the fact that I no longer work for Starbucks. So stoked! I've got a couple of designs so far.

So I've come to the conclusion that LA Colors works great with the plates, however, they are pretty sheer as you can see in my pictures, especially in the silver one. I had to try a few times before I got a good picture! In the future, when I'm crazy, I might actually shell out six or seven bucks for a bottle of China Glaze :p but until then, I'll just stick to what I got! Also this is about a month and a half old, but I knitted up a couple of weather wear items as well!
Yayyyyyyy thanks for looking! :D