Feb 9, 2012


Heyyy there! So anyone that knows me knows that my life just never stops moving! Sometimes I wonder how much more packed this blog would be if I actually kept a steady residence for more than a year... sigh. Well, in any case, I've taken my Konad and my stripers out of storage (at my new place there is ZERO. room. for. crafts.), and I've been reunited with my old longer, less bitten nails--due to the fact that I no longer work for Starbucks. So stoked! I've got a couple of designs so far.

So I've come to the conclusion that LA Colors works great with the plates, however, they are pretty sheer as you can see in my pictures, especially in the silver one. I had to try a few times before I got a good picture! In the future, when I'm crazy, I might actually shell out six or seven bucks for a bottle of China Glaze :p but until then, I'll just stick to what I got! Also this is about a month and a half old, but I knitted up a couple of weather wear items as well!
Yayyyyyyy thanks for looking! :D

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