Mar 8, 2012

Gray/ Teal Plaid Mani

Why hello there! Today I thought I'd post a mani I'd seen on Pinterest using pastel colors. I feel weird using those colors if it's not Easter yet. And so, it's not quite that time yet, so I decided to stick with a gray/turquoise color combination. Amidst my great search for good (but cheap) nail polishes that are also good for stamping, I was greatly surprised to find that Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri collection is nothing short of fantastic!

I bought the shades "Snappy Sorbet," "Lively Lilac," and "Mint Sprint." They are so so so pigmented, much more so than the OPI & China Glazes that I bought last week (and let me just say that Empire Beauty Supply's customer service was a severe disappointment). Regardless, I tried all three shades and they were impeccably clean, smooth, and only needed one coat. The brush was a little on the thick side, but nothing that you can't get used to. For the mani, I had been dying to try OPI's Stranger Tides. Originally, I had wanted to use it for a newpaper mani that can be seen here. It's the perfect shade of old... well... newspaper. Lol. I still will try this method when I have more time.
Almost kind of looks St. Patrick's-y, doesn't it? Hm, well that's appropriate considering it's just around the corner! Which on that day, we will hopefully be hitting up HooleyFest!
Mani-wise, this came out quite nicely, but to my chagrin, I noticed that the white that I had painted over the Sally Hansen turned yellow! Weird, right? Or maybe not, but it definitely tripped me out! It might be whatever is in it to make it "Insta-Dri", but I thought it was so weird. I had never seen anything like it before. Good thing is you can only really see it if it's pointed out. Phew. :) OH! I almost forgot! So I've kind of been wanting a sleeve tattoo for a long time (6 years), and I finally got it! I'm so excited, but i'm going to wait for it to heal before the big reveal.