Oct 31, 2012

Thus far...

Hey guys, long time no talk! I've been super busy--a new car demands that I work more to afford it! :) Halloween this year was a blast, I got the chance to make my own costume yet again. My friend Jade's birthday falls on Halloween, so for her party we decided to be birds: her a peacock, I a flamingo, and our friend Alyssa a macaw. I constructed a tutu as follows... (pic heavy!)

You'd probably need about 4-6 yards of tulle, depending on how fluffy you want it. I saw a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to make it, but I didn't like how you had to use elastic, cuz that tends to make my, ahem, muffin top pop out. So I decided to do it alll in a different, yet still easy, way.

Okay, so first I took about 3 yards of nylon tulle and folded in half, ends meeting... then in half again (all lengthwise of course). Then I took the folded side (the side with no ends) and pinned about 1" from the edge alllll along the length of it. My goal was to have a visual line of where I was gonna sew.

Now sew!

We just made a pocket, yay!!

How do I get it to match my hip size you ask? All I did was tie a length of yarn onto a safety pin. I literally took the yarn, wrapped it around my hips, cut it with an extra inch to make up for the knot, and then tied it. I ran the safety pin inside the little pocket I made. What I'm doing with this is matching it up with the ribbon that is also the length of my hips, and gathering it to match (without having to gather by hand, cuz that sucks).
K, so now I wanted to add some sparkle to it all, so I took 3 more yards of pink sparkle tulle and did the exact same thing: folded in half, then half again, marked with pins, and ran a quick sewing line all along its length.