Sep 30, 2019

Tag! You're It | October Papercraft Business Challenge

Hi all! And thanks for joining me for another Papercraft Business Challenge! October features tags of all kinds and types. 

I had picked up a pack of purple tags for $1.50 at Michael's. But I had absolutely no idea what to do with them. Until I saw this photo. 

The tags gave me a two fold interpretation: as a flower (since my daughter brightens up my day), and the eyelets mirroring her eyes in the photo. 

I focused on her eyes because they've always been such an interesting color. Even now, they are a fiercely dark gray/green. I sure hope they stay that way, and that you hop on over to Papercraft Business Challenge Blog to check out future challenges! 


Jill Killeen said...

WOW! you really "thought outside the box" Awesome Team Mate! Visit my blog - Killeen House Studio

Anna M. said...

This is so creative. Wonderful layout and your daughter is absolutely adorable!