Jun 8, 2009

woo! it's definitely been a while in between updates... but a lot has been going on. first of all, i moved! i'm in spring valley now, which is only a few minutes from where i used to be. unfortunately, the very first day one of my dogs ran away :(

i've been working my booty off and i decided it was time to finally get a new camera. mind you, my old camera still works... however, it's from 2000 and it's a 2.1 megapixel haha. one of the first ones that came out. i thought that if maybe i took the batteries out of it i would be forced to buy a new one. 8 months later i still don't have one...i just can't commit to ONE. what if the flash isn't right? i need a lithium battery for sure but otherwise... i need help.

so until that time, i won't be able to post any pictures.

but when i do, it will be AMAZING.

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