Feb 28, 2012

Adventures in Finding Good Stamping Polishes

The other day I found myself in Walgreen's noticing that all of their Sinful Colors were 99 cents! So of course, me being the cheap-o that I am, purchased several colors and loved them all. However, the other day as I was about to do my nails, I thought I would test one shade in general, Nirvana, to see how it stood the stamping test. It seemed like a nice solid taupe type color that might transfer quite well. So off, I went to get my BM 208 plate and this is what resulted:

I would say it turned out quite nicely! The trick turned out to be letting the polish sit on the plate for a few extra seconds than normal and then scraping it off. Since it's a relatively new polish I guess that kind of makes sense. And since I did alternating designs, all I did was paint on one design and leave it on the plate, while I scraped the other off and applied it, and vice a versa. It gave me about enough time. Otherwise the design would look slightly smudgy. The background color is NYC in Bryant Park I want to say. Don't quote me on it though. :p This got me thinking, there's GOT to be a list of polishes that people know of and have tested that work for stamping. Everyone that I've asked says either use an old polish or the more expensive ones (like China Glaze or OPI). $32 later at the Beauty Supply, I can tell you that the latter statement is FALSE. Lol. So, of scavenging I went through the page of the Internet until I found this wonderful LIST! Bless their hearts! This is going to sure going to come in handy, and I hope it does for you, too!

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