Aug 5, 2008

it's been a while!

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it's been almost two weeks since i've been gone! i've been missing my other half... he's in SERBIA of all places right now, he's been gone and won't be back until august 14th. my co-workers have been so weet to me! they have been "adopting" me for a couple of days each--taking me out to distract me; i've been to the beach mostly or eating at different places, but i've been busy crafting ~ jeez that makes me sound like such a grandma!

well, i made a knitting needle roll-up. frankly, i have too many needles and they are getting out of control. so i took some fabric scraps (mostly gotten from ReproDepot Fabrics or fat quarters from Michael's) and pieced this little beauty up.

mind you, it hasn't been ironed or anything yet, so it still looks "pillowy." and i didn't use any interfacing, because i think we all know by now that cynthia is lazy., plus i didn't really think it was necessary.

unfortunately, i don't have step-by-step instructions this time, because honestly, i didn't know what was going to come out! i really did it all willy-nilly (you can definitely tell in some places), but i had so much fun making it, and love that i now have some organization! i also made a little pocket in the bottom left for my crochet hooks.

hope you enjoy & thanks for looking!

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